RV Foundations - Operation, Safety, and Maintenance

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What will I learn?

The Operation, Maintenance, and Safety course gets right to the heart of using your RV the right way. We'll make sure you know what you need to know so you can get out there and have fun.

  • Operation of your RV's systems. As well as tips and tricks to make RV living more comfortable.

  • RV maintenance to ensure years of trouble free service. RV's are complicated and maintenance is the key to staying out of the shop and on the road.

  • RV and personal safety. Moving a large complicated vehicle down the road introduces some unique safety concerns. Our experienced instructors will show you what to watch out for and how to prepare.

Course curriculum

Everything you need to know to take care of your RV and stay safe in your travels.

  • 1

    Welcome to RV Foundations - Operation, Safety, and Maintenance

    • Introduction to RVers Online University

  • 2

    Hooking Up at a Campground for the First Time

    • Checking in and Connecting to Electricity

    • Leveling Your RV

    • Putting Out Your Slides

    • Connecting to Water

    • Connecting to Sewer

    • Hooking Up For the First Time

    • Audio downloads for this section

  • 3

    RV Operation

    • Electrical Systems Part 1

    • Electrical Systems Part 2

    • RV Stabilizers and Leveling

    • RV Slides - Added 1-11-21

    • Fresh Water Hookups

    • Sanitizing RV Water System

    • Sewer Hookups

    • RV Propane

    • Focus on Towable RVs

    • Towing a Vehicle with Your RV

    • Driving Your RV

    • Communicating on the Road

    • Finding Campsites

    • RV Operation PDF - Updated 1-11-21 to add RV Slides

    • Audio downloads for this section

  • 4


    • Weight Management

    • Tire Safety

    • RV Fire Safety

    • Personal Safety While RVing

    • The Critical Factor - Tire Safety Presentation by Michelin

    • Proteng Fire Suppression Video

    • Centramatic Wheel Balancers (Seizure Warning - Flashing Lights in Video)

    • Safety PDF

    • Audio downloads for this section

  • 5


    • Roof Maintenance

    • Air Conditioner Maintenance

    • Furnace Maintenance

    • Water Heater Maintenance

    • Absorption Refrigerator Maintenance

    • Oven & Stove Maintenance

    • Generator Maintenance

    • Water Pump Maintenance

    • Winterizing your RV

    • Tire, Rim, and Bearing Maintenance

    • RV Maintenance PDF

    • Audio downloads for this section

  • 6

    Knowledge Test for Insurance Discount

    • Instructions to receive an insurance discount certificate

    • Knowledge Test For Insurance Discount

Bonus material

Free Bonuses For Signing Up Today

  • The RVers Ultimate Survival Guide

    The RVer's Ultimate Survival Guide is the perfect companion for any RVer. This book will help you maximize your enjoyment of the RV lifestyle so that you can get where your are going safely.  A free PDF download of this book is included with any RVOU course purchase. 

  • Insurance Discount

    Complete this course and receive an insurance discount through independent agents Bancorp South or FCIS.

RV Foundations Price

$20 Discount for Escapees members. Grab your discount code on your Member Dashboard.


Education Director

Jim Koca

I'm a retired police officer and police academy director with over 40 years of service and currently a reserve deputy for Reagan County Texas.  I specialized in collision reconstruction, investigating the causes and consequences of vehicle collisions. This has given me a unique perspective on vehicle safety, enabling me to train officers across the country. I share this information with RVers through numerous columns and programs, including RVers’ Boot Camp and RVers Online University.


  • Is there a discount for Escapees RV Club members?

    Yes. Members receive a $20 discount on individual courses and a $50 discount when you buy both courses together. You can grab your member discount code from the Escapees RV Club Member Dashboard and enter it at checkout to receive your discount.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    You’ll have lifetime access to all the materials for as long as they live on the web. When we make improvements to the course or update the material, you’ll also receive that information. You’ll have plenty of time to make sure you fully understand all the information in the course.

  • Will I get access to RVOU Instructors?

    Absolutely! We aren't going to just give you some information and send you out to figure it out on your own. You can contact your instructors by email and they will usually get back to you within 1-2 business days. If we have a topic that generates a lot of questions, we'll make sure to update the course material to clarify.

  • Do I need to do the lessons in order?

    No - We've set up this course so that you can do the lessons in any order you want.

  • What is your refund policy?

    We want RVers Online University to provide you with the value you paid for and more! Because our courses are digital and available immediately, refunds are considered on a case by case basis within 30 days of purchase. If you aren't happy with our courses, we'll try to fix the problem, or provide you with a refund.

RV Foundations Price

$20 Discount for Escapees members. Grab your discount code on your Member Dashboard.